Special Needs Planning is unique. It's planning for two generations to help ensure that the lifelong needs of your loved one are cared for, even after you are no longer able.


Every special needs family faces unique challenges when caring for their loved ones.  We work to understand the specific challenges our families face and then, in collaboration, we develop a Life Care Plan to help individuals that experience disability, their families, and caregivers.

A Life Care Plan is a tailored road-map focused around the person experiencing disability. It incorporates everything from Special Needs Trusts, and Government Benefits like SSI and SSDI, to IEP’s, Housing, Employment, and ABLE Accounts. It's created to help bring together all of the important people and programs involved in caring for your loved one, and is used to help inform future decisions made by successor caregivers.



How can I get started?

To create a Life Care Plan for your loved one, meet with us directly. After you help us understand the current environment surrounding the person who experiences disability, we will be able to connect you to the appropriate people and programs.