Our Mission

Through our unique, personal and professional experiences, our team came together to help serve special needs families. Although our individual motivations to serve may differ, as a group, we share the same mission.

Our mission is to positively impact the lives of people with a disability and their family by helping them develop a tailored Special Needs Financial Plan.

By assisting families with their planning, we provide access to information and specialists to help identify the appropriate financial, legal and government programs to help fulfill their loved one's day-to-day needs, as well as their long-term plans for care.


Our Vision

Our team serves families, professionals, and organizations through individual collaboration and community partnership.

Since 2013, we've had the opportunity of serving 500 new families a year, cross-disability, and at all different life stages. Which has led to our team to developing wonderful relationships with Attorneys, Therapists and County Case Workers, among many other professionals and non-profit organizations. The relationships we're fortunate to have has helped form the way we view our future.

Our vision is to become the hub of resources to help enable individuals that experience disability, their families, and caregivers to reach their full potential of inclusion, independence, and possibility.