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Special Needs

Financial Planning

Planning centered around your loved one.

There are numerous government, legal and financial programs that can play an important role in the life of a person who experiences disability. Special Needs Planning is an important process that allows parents and caregivers to determine what programs are appropriate for their loved one. It also identifies how each of the individual programs come together to create a support network for the disabled individual.  


Wealth Management Strategies

Traditional Wealth Management Strategies focus on Risk Management, and Wealth Accumulation. Palladio Group continues the conversation to help ensure that when it’s time to transfer wealth, the person with a disability is positioned to maintain eligibility of Government Benefits and programs.  


Access to Trust Services

Special Needs Trusts are created for the benefit of the person who experiences a disability or special need. They can be important planing tools to help transfer wealth, help individuals maintain their eligibility for government benefits, and help provide additional financial support for the beneficiary.