Our team works with families in a personalized role, by incorporating our expertise and knowledge of Special Needs Planning alongside other financial and legal services. We can help our families create plans for their current and future goals to assist their child, as well as their own Lifestyle and Retirement goals.

The approach our team takes gives us the chance to work with families at different levels of involvement - whether it's addressing a specific concern or drafting a complete financial plan.  There are times our clients may have a good relationship with an existing Family Advisor. We can adapt into a different role and if possible, work alongside the CPA, Estate or Family Attorney, or other professional, and provide information specific to Special Needs Planning.

Key Professionals Within A Complete Special Needs Plan

Getting Started

Through our Client Process, together we can build a written Financial Plan that incorporates Special Needs specific components, along with an analysis of the family's current and future financial and other important considerations. The comprehensive evaluation of a client’s financial state is accomplished by using known variables to predict future cash flows, asset values and withdrawal plans. Families will also receive an Implementation Plan to help accomplish their objectives in a timely manner with appropriate products and services.